Customer Testimonials

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"Cory Ziehe in Sales and Brian Simmons in Service always go above and beyond in taking care of us! He and Brian have been incredible with every detail after the sale too."

J. Laughlin, Fayetteville, AR

"I have purchased two boats from Arrowhead and the Sales and Service have been GREAT!!"

C. Pullin, Arkansas

"The staff is friendly, thoroughly educated, easy to work with, and accessible."

B. Daniel

"I had a great sales experience, aligning what we were looking for with inventory, after sales experience, follow-up, and attention to detail."

I. Williams, Tulsa, OK

"Excellent sales approach, delivery instructions, and just a good group of people."

D. Henke, Edmond, OK

"The service and knowledge was exceptional. Exceeded our expectations!!"

K.Tanner, Wichita, KS

"Fantastic customer service! I had a problem with the installation of my dock and Arrowhead stored my new Cobalt 220S while the dock was being built. A big relief for me!!"

F. Doherty, Arkansas

"Keep focusing on the customer and NO change is necessary!!"

R.Leffler, Grove, OK

"We had an outstanding experience with our purchase!"

D. Thomas

"We appreciate our long term friendly personal/business relationship with Joe and more recently with Brandon!!"

D.Dutton, Tulsa, OK

"I would definitely recommend Arrowhead Boat Sales. Being an out of town customer I was extremely please that when I made the drive down to see the boat in person, it was exactly how Brandon had described it to me. Brandon was extremely professional, personable, and accommodating, which was appreciated."


"I have bought 2 boats from Arrowhead. Even long after the sale if I have an issue I can still go to my salesman for help."


"Bob Green knows his products, has tremendous communication skills, and follows through on every detail!"

H. Capron

"I would recommend Arrowhead for several reasons. Arrowhead has always been upfront and honest in both of my dealings with the company. Arrowhead has stepped up every time I had an issue, consistently making things right. Arrowhead also went above and beyond in terms of making my new boat (Cobalt 282) special."

B. Hinkle, Tulsa, OK

"I would recommend Arrowhead because of the inventory of boats and the convenience of the location. I like the fact that we are buying local and the service is local."

M.Smith, Edmond, OK

"We have dealt with Arrowhead in Rogers since 2013 and would give the entire team the highest marks. Cory found the right boat for us then, and facilitated a “trade up” late last season. He has been great to work with, as has the entire service/parts team led by Brian. All are attentive and responsive and I would certainly recommend Arrowhead to all who ask!!"

J. Cude, Arkansas

"I would definitely recommend Arrowhead Boat Sales-Beaver Lake to anyone in NW Arkansas, and beyond, when they are looking for a quality boat and exceptional service."

J. Allen, Rogers, AR

"We had a fantastic experience with our boat purchase!!"

D.Storms, AR

"My experience has been excellent for over 25 years. Four boats, hundreds of dinners at the Club, and numerous problems solved by the staff at Arrowhead. I always sing your Praises!!"

J.Woolman, Tulsa, OK