Arrowhead event Every year Arrowhead host Boats, Bikes, Bikinis, & BBQ. Aside from all the splendor of the stunning boats, amazing bikes, bikini contest, and tasty BBQ, we make it our mission to help the children in need that are in the South Grand Lake area. All the proceeds from this event are used to provide luxury items such as toys for the local children; they are also going without clothing-and even some without food! So while you are having a blast at this event, you are also helping provide for our local community children.

Instead of giving money during the holiday season, or supporting a charity whose cause may or may not help the children around South Grand Lake, Tom McKibben decided to do something that would directly benefit the children in this area. He started the charity "South Grand Lakers Helping Children". This is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to help the children of South Grand Lake.

All proceeds from this fun event go to benefit South Grand Lakers Helping Children & The Northeast Oklahoma Chapter of BACA.

For more information, call 918.782.BOAT(2628)

AUGUST 5, 2017Arrowhead event
Arrowhead event Arrowhead event Arrowhead event